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Building a solid foundation in early recovery is essential to achieving successful long-term sobriety. At Gratitude Lodge, clients will learn the tools and develop the skills that will help them in their journey of recovery. We believe that self-esteem is built by doing “esteem-able” acts. In our treatment program, clients will be laying the groundwork to build up their confidence and help them develop a sense of purpose and direction.

Residential Treatment

Our clients engage in both small group therapy and individual counseling during their stay at Gratitude Lodge, our Long Beach residential treatment center. Extensive research has proven that recovering addicts benefit most when being treated in both individual and group settings.

Residential Services

Individual Counseling

Individual addiction counseling sessions provide the client a safe and secure environment where the client can focus solely on his or her underlying issues. At first, clients may feel more comfortable completely opening up in a one on one session with a trained professional. Individual therapy is a valuable tool for clients to acquire self-knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of their own addiction.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers the opportunity for clients to bond with others who may share similar challenges and struggles. In this setting, clients are able to both receive support and give support to one another. This gives the Long Beach residential treatment clients a sense of “being a part of” and a chance to open up and develop personal relationships with others. Feedback is provided from different points of view and may open the eyes and minds of the individuals that otherwise may not be achieved in traditional individual therapy. This is essential in the healing process of recovery and building a strong foundation for long-term sobriety.

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