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The methamphetamine detoxification process can be very intense and bring about high level of cravings. Attempting to do this individually yields a low success rate and often requires a medically assisted level of care. 

Long Beach Meth Detox

Overcoming a meth (methamphetamines) addiction can be a very intense and uncomfortable process. Not only is the detox process uncomfortable, it is often accompanied with high craving levels which can result in relapse. These behavioral symptoms include anxiety, depression, fatigue, sweating, weight gain, difficulty concentrating, headaches, anhedonia, and paranoia. This is why it is highly recommended to seek out medical assistance at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center which offers detox services.

This is what we can offer you during your stay at our Long Beach meth detox facility at Gratitude Lodge. Our staff is not only medically equipped and trained to handle this situation, we can empathize and help guide you through it.

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A huge part of what makes the meth detox experience at Gratitude Lodge so effective is the quality and ability of our staff and procedure. Detox is one of, if not the most, difficult stages of early recovery. We will do what it takes to bring you through the detox process while making sure your needs are met.

During their Long Beach meth detox at Gratitude Lodge, clients will engage in both small group therapy and individual counseling. Extensive research has proven that recovering addicts benefit most when being treated in both individual and group settings.

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